The MobBox


The full set up! Everything you need to keep flexible, mobile and do that functional workout where ever you are.

In this box we have also included not 1 but 2 Floss bands! Used by elite athletes and yoga aficionados alike. Floss bands are fantastic for compressing injured muscles, "flushing" waste products after work outs, stabilizing injury prone joints and pulling limbs into place to gain a greater stretch. 
The complete Mobbox also comes with your abmat. Abmat's are used to support your lower back during sit ups and they can cushion knees while stretching. For the more advanced athletes, abmat's are essential for head stands and practicing handstand push ups.
The MobBox includes
1 x Set of Resistance Bands
1 x Lacrosse Ball
1 x Peanut
1 x Roller
1 x Speed Rope
1 x Abmat
2 x Floss Bands
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